Voices of Agile – My Name is Anu

I have lived on this planet for nearly 52 years, the first 21 in India and the past 30 here in the United States. I have experienced my share of racism.  

Even in India I am considered a “Darkie” or a “Kalu” when compared to others in my family. My grandmother was among the people who made me feel “less than”. She would put powder on my face to make me look fairer or less dark. My mom would wipe off all the powder and tell me I was beautiful as is. My mom – my hero!

In the US, things are same but different – I went from being called Darkie to brown. The past few years I have been traveling with my US passport so I can prove I am American. When I travel with my white stepdaughters, I get the LOOK.  The usual assumption is I am the nanny or the help. 

The micro aggressions are equivalent to a death by a 1000 paper cuts.  

To my Indian friends – I am not Indian enough – I am too American.

To my American Friends – I am too Indian – I am not American enough. 

To my colored friends – I am not doing enough as a colored woman

To my non colored friends – I have never been seen as a colored woman

My name is Anu – I am a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a niece, a friend, a trainer, a coach, a human…

My name is Anu – I love the beach, sunshine, jasmine flowers and scent, music and dance….

My name is Anu – I am scared of bugs of any kinds even the little lady bugs…

My name is Anu – why does the color of my skin matter?


6 thoughts on “Voices of Agile – My Name is Anu

  1. Powerful, open and honest! Your beautiful inside and out. You are someone I have always admired. Met you in Orlando when you were playing an astronaut at the Scrum Gathering. You could of probably been great with a role at NASA! Your always reaching for the stars and helping others reach for for theirs as well. That is a true leader! Thank you for being who you are. Your heart and soul is what counts the most and you have given it to so many. Hope to see you soon, take care! Thanks for lifting me up with your message! 😊

  2. Exactly! The color of your skin, or anybody’s for that matter, should not matter! MLK Jr. said it best when he said that a person should not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character! And I would add that one should not be judged by their nationality, primary language, or religion either! I love you, Anu, for the person you are, for the way you care about people, for taking me under your wing, for being an inspiration, and for being my friend!

  3. Beautifully written Anu! I simply see you as a good friend, a patient mentor, and a wonderful human being! Love you!

  4. Hi Anu
    I’ve just come across this article and its honestly one of the best on this subject that I’ve seen. Your excellence in your profession as well as your authenticity as a person is an example that all people can admire and those women of color such as myself should emulate. I have admired you from a far and feel so blessed to have finally had the chance this year to sit in one of your classes and even have a 1:1 conversation with you…what a treat for me! Thanks for all you do for the Agile community.

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